Poki Is The Best Game Website Ever

Poki is the best game website, not the food! It has a TON of games on it. You can type up the category that you want! Some categories that you might want are horses, beauty, and cooking. A game series that I enjoy is Papa’s games on cooking. A water game series that is awesome is Uphill Rush. I love this website because it has games that you would not expect, like Google and the Game Of Life. I like the category horses, car games, and cooking because they both have a lot of game results. One of the games is 3D! Poki has a really cool logo, too. All of the games are really cool. Plus, they do not take a while to load.

Lets watch some You Tube!!!

If you have not watched YouTube, then listen super duper carefully! Youtube is where you watch videos of people playing games, how to do, or even short clips of episodes! There are also little sections. There are recommended, holidays, sing alongs, and another one but I forgot it. You can also search up videos, but not all the stuff you try to search will pop up.  Also, you can’t write inappropriate or any nonsense stuff because that really will not make any sense at all. If you want to watch the same video then you click on an arrow down at the bottom and it will show you what you watched already