The best place to go when you are free!!

If you did not go to Chuck E Cheese, then listen to this amazing article!! Chuck E Cheese is where you can play arcade games. When it’s your birthday, you can have your birthday there!! When you have a birthday party, the birthday kid gets to go in this blowing thing with a lot of tickets. The blower starts blowing the tickets way up in the air and the birthday kid has to try and get as many tickets as they can. Don’t worry if you don’t get any tickets because you can always get tickets at the end. They also have a fun house. When you go inside, there is a mirror maze which is kind of easy. You also have to get through punching bags and more to get to the slide. When you go down the slide, you exit out of the fun house. You can even see Chucky sometimes.
If you love fun houses and arcades, beg your parents to go, and have fun!

I rate this 4 out of 5 stars

Friendly’s is the best!

If you have not been to Friendly’s, then head on in! Friendly’s is a place with mouth watering pizza bites, and great mac and cheese. The wait for the table is so short! I ordered mac and cheese, and my sister ordered pizza bites. I had only one pizza bite, but I wanted more. It was too bad that I didn’t order it. All the food was great. My dad ordered waffle fries, with some kind of sandwich. I only had the waffle fries. I liked the waffle fries better than the regular fries. Some drinks are juice, milk, hot chocolate and more. For dessert, I had strawberry ice cream with cookie dough. There was so many toppings to choose from! It could have took hours to decide! My sister had chocolate ice cream with marshmallow sauce. All the food was great. We went there only two times, but I hope we could come back some other time.

If you like awesome food, desserts, and more, then you have to go there!

I rate this place 4 out of 5 stars.

Applebee’s is the best!

If you like good food, then Applebee’s is the place for you! They have great mac and cheese and grilled chicken alfredo. The mozzarella sticks are mouth-watering! I didn’t order the chicken alfredo, my sister did. We shared everything. I got the mac cheese. Some drinks are juice, milk, chocolate milk, and water. My dad got a kind of meat, but I forgot what it was called. The child’s menu is really cool. First, you have to choose your main meal. Then, you have to choose a side. When you are done with all that, then there is fun games on the front for you to work on. You can do tic-tac-toe, and much more.

If you like good food, then this restaurant is right for you.

I rate this restaurant 4 stars out of 5.

Eat at Grand Luxe Cafe

If you have not eaten at Grand Lux Cafe then you are missing out. Grand Lux Cafe is located in Paramus. Right when you walk in through the door you see cake. The service is great and the wait for a table is usually short. When I first went here I went for lunch with my family. I ordered mini sliders and it was good. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you can even have brunch. I ordered chocolate milk for a drink and it was good. Some other drink choices include apple juice and lemonade. The restaurant specializes in sliders and you can never go wrong with what you choose as your meal. I have been there 4 or 5 times and recommend ordering sliders. What I remember most about this place is eating sliders. If you enjoy sliders then you will definitely enjoy this restaurant.

Renatos Cooking Up

If you haven’t been to Renatos then you are missing out on this marvelous Pizza Place.
It’s located at 36 S Maple Ave in Ridgewood, NJ 07450.
Their phone number is (201)652-3554.

I like to eat their cheese pizza.They are fast food but better than any fast food. If you don’t like pizza ,they have other Italian food, too. So if you don’t like pizza and your family does then that’s a perfect place for you and your family.The food I recommend there is the pasta. I recommend this because it is buttery and very yummy.

Here is the full menu.

I rate this 3 out of 5 stars

H-mart Is Just Right For You

by Jamie and Elizabeth

If you have not been to H mart, then head on in!
H mart is a supermarket/food court. When you first get in, there are so many aisles to look at. You grab a cart and start to shop. You may see a food court at the right side and decide to go and eat some lunch. When you head in, there are tables to sit at. There are so many meals to choose from. When I went to the food court, I picked sushi. You get to choose what goes in your sushi. That’s what I like best. It is kind of like Whole Foods, I guess. If you shop, there is a lot of food to choose from.

If you love to shop and eat, then grab your mom and let’s go!

I rate this place 4 stars out of 5.

Don’t miss Boston Market!

If you are looking for delicious chicken and North Jersey’s best mac and cheese, head on over to Boston Market. Boston Market is located at Route 17 in Paramus. Right when you walk in, you smell fresh cornbread, and get a feeling of happiness. The service is great, and the wait for a table is short. When I first went to Boston market, I went for lunch with my mom and sister. We ordered takeout. You don’t even have to wait! It’s awesome! The dishes are so great. They even give you cornbread. Once, we went with my mom and they gave us two cornbreads! One for my sister and one for me. I got mac and cheese with mash potatoes and for the main thing, you can either buy chicken or a prime rib. Both are so good. We did not order any drinks, so I don’t know what kinds of drinks they have. If you enjoy cornbread, then you will love this restaurant.

I rate this restaurant 4 stars out of 5.

Raymonds Review

If you have not eaten at Raymonds then you are missing out on a great meal. Raymonds is located in Ridgewood NJ. I think the food is great. On the kids menu they have burgers, pb and j, cheeseburgers, and toast. Some drinks are chocolate milk, apple juice, and milk. I have eaten there a lot and I recommend the cheeseburger and fries. If you like delicious food then you will like Raymonds restaurant. Things on the adult menu are burgers, french fries, eggs, and salad. Raymonds also has specials. One of the specials is a special kind of salad.

Now that you’ve read this, how about a trip to Raymonds!

I rate this restaurant 4 (out of 5) stars!

Orange Leaf Is Off The Ice

If you haven’t been to Orange Leaf, then you are missing out on the best frozen yogurt experience in Ridgewood! It’s located on 171 E Ridgewood Ave in Ridgewood, NJ.
It’s really good because you can put your toppings on yourself. You can also get mixes/twists.

My favorite combinations are chocolate, any gummies with sprinkles, whip cream and a cherry.
I recommend Strawberry, Birthday Cake and Brownie Batter.
The shakes I recommend are P.B.S (it has pineapple, blueberries and strawberries) and Orange-n-Cream (it has mandarin oranges with mango).

I rate this five out of five stars.

A tasty treat in Ridgewood

If you have not eaten at The Daily Treat, then you are missing out!!!! The Daily Treat is located in Ridgewood. Right when you walk in you see lots of smiling faces. That will get you a feeling of happiness. The service is great and the wait for a table short. When I first went here, I went for breakfast with my mom. I ordered pancakes and it was delicious. Some other dishes on the menu are waffles, toast, and eggs. I have been there a lot of times and recommend ordering chicken tenders. What I remember most about this place is the delicious ice cream. If you enjoy amazing food, then you will definitely love this restaurant.

I rate this 5 out of 5 stars.