Horses Are The Best

Horses are my favorite animal. I love how you can ride them. My favorite riding place is Echo Lake Stables. I have been there 2 times. I like to watch horse riding competitions on youtube. If I can, I will try to compete in one. I am going to take lessons when I am older. If I get a horse, I want to name her Star. At my old camp, I did fun things with horses. The next level is horsemanship.

There are so many types of horses. Donkeys and zebras are in the horse family. There are lots of riding places where you can take lessons. On a horse, sometimes there is a mark on the front of its head. It could be a star or a blaze. You should wear jeans and a helmet while riding a horse. Female baby horses are called fillies, and boy baby horses are called colts. If you are interested in horses, than you should take lessons!!!!

My dogs

My dogs are very cute. I have two dogs. One of my dogs is nice. He is a boy. He is very old. Multiply 9 times 7. If you don’t know, he is 63 years old. I had two birds and a gecko. My aunt let our birds go and the gecko ran away and got lost. Now I have two dogs. I had one dog but my grandma was too old to take care of the dog and his name was Coco. Coco is a brown poodle. The dog I already have is Leo. Leo is a golden retriever. My dogs are very playful. Coco is mean and aggressive. Leo is nice and never bites. Coco sometimes bites me but I just kick him on the butt. Coco never bites my mom because he is scared of my mom. Leo is a very good listener. Leo was playful before I got Coco. If you want to know his age, multiply 6 times 7. If you don’t know, he is 42. Leo is scared of Coco. That’s why he is not playful anymore. Every time I come back from school, Coco barks at Leo. Leo also does not bark because of Coco. If I trap Coco in my mom’s room, Leo is not scared anymore. Leo is my favorite dog. I like Leo because he is nice. He is also very helpful. He is the nicest dog I ever met. He bit me when he was very young, but he was not a puppy. He was not my dog. He was another person’s pet. The person was going to Korea and he could not bring Leo with him. The person was about to bring Leo to the animal shelter because no one wanted him. Then my aunt called and asked if we can get him. He said “yes.” He brought him to our house and gave him to us. I could tell Leo was scared. He was more energetic and playful when we got him. He was scared so he kept going under our table. Leo loves going on walks but he gets tired a lot. I love Leo a lot. He is the best dog. Coco also loves to go on walks. I love my dogs.