Mr. O is an awesome teacher!

by Sahithi and Samantha

Mr.O is the best teacher in the whole world! He is fun and he makes people laugh so much. He also gives us less homework to do!!!!! During read aloud he reads us a scary story. For example he reads Measle and the Wrathmonk, and Fablehaven. Sometimes he sprays us with water when there is water in the story and makes faces. He lets us to play Prodigy,, circuits, ED Galaxy, researching, and Khan Academy. Mr.O always lets us do fun activities. One time he took us to the Rutgers basketball game. He gave us a regular press pass and a Rutgers press pass. It was so much fun! In the end of the school year we get to do a water balloon fight! When we finish the otter pack test, we get a stuffed otter. It is soooooooo cute! When it’s our birthday we get to hit the gong and we have the funniest birthday song! Do you want to learn the song. If you do go ask Mr.O. He sings it on your birthday. We also raise adorable baby ducks. He lets us play with magnets. He is a big fan of basketball and ice hockey. His favorite team is the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. His favorite ice hockey is the Devils. He lets us have extra recess after writing class. Sometimes he lets us to play otter ball and basketball.As you can see, Mr.O is the best teacher in the whole world.

Kayla donates her hair to make a wig.

by Jamie and Elizabeth

As Kalya went inside the barber with her mom, Kalya told the barber that she was going to donate her hair to make a wig. The barber smiled and nodded. The barber was so happy that Kalya was going to donate her hair. Kalya sat on the chair and the barber cut her hair. After, the barber put the hair in a plastic bag and waved to Kalya and her mom.

“I felt proud,” said Kalya.

Mr.O is the best teacher in the world

Before we start, have you, yes you, ever wondered how Mr.O got bald? Well I’m going to tell you that right now. Once upon a time, he was washing his car at those car washing things, but all of a sudden the vacuum went crazy and it ripped his hair of. That is how his head is so bald. This is what he said…

Mr.O is the best teacher in the world. The first reason is he is does spy missions. You do it during the mystery unit. On one mission, you go in the office and pretend you are someone else while another person films it. The second reason is that he is really funny. An example is he calls people names, but they are funny so don’t get mad at him. Also he makes really funny names like Seymore! The next reason is he make REALLY fun games like Otter Ball, Roundo or Mathsketball and more. The next reason is we get to do really fun science things like Tug of War, Newton’s Cradle and MORE! As you can see, Mr.O is a nice teacher to have for third grade.

Kellyn helped Sofia with her chromebook.

by Jamie and Elizabeth

As Sophia logged into her Chromebook, Kellyn noticed she was in the wrong spot! Just to double check, Kellyn looked at her computer, then looked at Sophia’s computer. She was right! Sophia was in Google Docs, but she had to go to Google Classroom!

“No Sophia!!” Kellyn said.

Then she typed in google classroom and got Sophia in the right spot.

“I felt happy,” said Kellyn.

“I felt thankful that she helped me,” said Sophia.

Tiffany helps someone when they get hurt

by Jamie and Elizabeth

As Tiffany roamed around the playground she saw someone on the slide. She was going to turn away when she saw that the girl fell off the slide!! Tiffany quickly ran to the slide and helped her get up and made sure she was ok.

“ I felt really proud of myself,” said Tiffany.

“ I think the girl was very happy that I helped her,” said Tiffany.

The Hawes playground is a safer place when the students help one another.

Girl tries best to help team win.

Mary helped her basketball team by being a “team player.” She was passing a lot and tried to score in the basketball game. There was a teammate that she passed to a lot because she was open.

“Even if we didn’t win, we still had fun,” said Mary “I felt so proud that I passed a lot,” said Mary.

The score was unknown. She passed a lot to a girl named Abby.

Sean sees a big crowd and decides to hold the door for them.

As Sean walked in the hallway, he saw a big crowd behind him. He decided to hold the door for them. He ran quickly to the door and pushed it open as soon as the crowd came. He braced himself for the crowd.

“I felt proud,” said Sean. “I think the crowd felt thankful.”

Do you think Sean is helpful?

Jamie yang and Elizabeth Doo

Carly sees someone being lonely!

Carly saw a friend being lonely while walking around on the playground! Carly walked up to her and asked her if she wanted to play with her. She said yes. Then, she jumped with joy. They played tag together. After, the friend felt happy that Carly played with her. “I felt proud that I helped her. I also felt good after I helped her,” said Carly. Do you think Carly is nice?

Anya Sets Table When Seraphine Did Not Want To

by Maddie and Waverly

On Wednesday, January 9th, before dinner, Anya’s mom asked Seraphine, Anya’s little sister, to set the table. “I do not want to!” said Seraphine. Seraphine does not want to do a lot her mom says. “Hmmmm, If Seraphine does not want to set the table, then I will!” thought Anya. So, Aanya took the lead and quickly set the table. “I felt happy that I did this deed,” said Anya.

Josh Shares Crayon With James

by Maddie and Waverly

On Tuesday, January 8th, Josh and James were doing a project that involves coloring. They were sitting at the same table in Mrs.Graham’s class. Suddenly, James found out that he did not have a yellow crayon that he needed. “I think I will share with James!” thought Josh. So, Josh broke his crayon into two pieces! “Here you go!” excitedly said Josh. “Thanks a lot!”answered James. “I felt glad that I shared with James,” thought Josh. Like some people say, sharing is caring.