Horses Are The Best

Horses are my favorite animal. I love how you can ride them. My favorite riding place is Echo Lake Stables. I have been there 2 times. I like to watch horse riding competitions on youtube. If I can, I will try to compete in one. I am going to take lessons when I am older. If I get a horse, I want to name her Star. At my old camp, I did fun things with horses. The next level is horsemanship.

There are so many types of horses. Donkeys and zebras are in the horse family. There are lots of riding places where you can take lessons. On a horse, sometimes there is a mark on the front of its head. It could be a star or a blaze. You should wear jeans and a helmet while riding a horse. Female baby horses are called fillies, and boy baby horses are called colts. If you are interested in horses, than you should take lessons!!!!

Top Ten Pets (In My Opion)

10. Snakes
9. Fish
8. Frog
7. Cat
6. Hamster
5. Chinchilla
4. Bunny
3. Horse
2. Dog
1. Guinea Pig

Why Guinea Pigs Are The Best:
Guinea Pigs are the best. They are cute and they cuddle with you. They are okay with the fact that you go to school. Just make sure that when you get home, say hello. There are so many colors that they can come in. Babies are tiny. I have 2 guinea pigs. Guinea pigs sometimes squeak, but not loudly. If you let them rest in your arms for a while, maybe they will fall asleep! Some guinea pigs (like mine) like to fold blankets onto them, like covers! When guinea pigs want food, they go onto their hind legs and squeak. You can even teach them tricks. As you can see, guinea pigs are the best.