Let’s learn some math and reading!

If you have not played a good game called Education Galaxy, then you should listen up! Ed galaxy (Ed is short for education) is not really a game, well it kinda is, but it is where you can do math, reading, and sometimes language arts! First, you have to take a test and choose what grade you are in: 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. When you are done, you go to “my recommended topics for study” and click on the thing you were working on and they will give you what you need to work on. If you get something correct, they let you play a game. Then if you are done, they will give you 3 galaxy stars. (If you get 100%)

If you love math and reading, then you will definitely enjoy playing this game.
I rate this 3 out of 5 stars

Rocket league Part 2

If you read my first Rocket League article you will know what I’m talking about. There’s been a ton of glitches in Rocket League. Some like an engine that makes airplanes crashing sounds, getting out of the soccer field and the ball getting stuck in the ground. I didn’t talk about the glitches in my first article, but I’m doing it now.

I’ve never got to do any of the glitches but I still know about them. Some people can see the real world in Rocket League but nobody can do it now. Its sad. Also if you get better, train your friends that are really bad at Rocket League. I’m doing it with my first PS4 friend I met online! And he’s really good at Rocket League.

There’s now a full crosplay in Rocket league. I really don’t know how to do it though. I finally got level 100!  Now I need to learn how to air dribble and then I’m a real level 100. The higher the level you are, the better people to verse. But if you are bad, I don’t think you should do competitive. It’s very easy to verse a really good player in it. You even might verse me.

I’m not telling you my name for PS4 so that I don’t get hacked. I am a skilled Rocket League player. You probably will lose against me. I’m not the best player in Rocket League. I’m learning how to air dribble in Rocket League. I’ve done it a million times, never in a real match though. It’s sad. I play with a really good player and he’s from my school. He’s level 150. Or more. We both can’t air dribble because it’s really hard to do it. It’s because we are not the best.

I am now training my first PS4 friend I ever met. He’s actually really good. I already taught him to fly and he says he’s bad but he’s good. I was not good when I was a starter. He was way better than me when I started because i had no one to get train with and he has me to train him! I have gotten way better recently. I got way more experienced than him in Rocket League.

There are no new items in Rocket League besides the MClaren, the new car. Well that’s all I have for this article. Please comment how you like this game because I rate it 5 out of 5 stars.

Kayla donates her hair to make a wig.

by Jamie and Elizabeth

As Kalya went inside the barber with her mom, Kalya told the barber that she was going to donate her hair to make a wig. The barber smiled and nodded. The barber was so happy that Kalya was going to donate her hair. Kalya sat on the chair and the barber cut her hair. After, the barber put the hair in a plastic bag and waved to Kalya and her mom.

“I felt proud,” said Kalya.

The best boss in the family!!

If you have not watched Boss Baby, then sit in front of the tv right now!!! Boss Baby is about a baby (who can actually talk) who goes to a new family. The family doesn’t know that Boss Baby works for Baby Corp and is on a secret mission, but Tim finds out that Boss Baby works for Baby Corp. Spoiling Baby Corp, Boss baby makes Tim suck on a pacifier which will take them to Baby Corp. Tim’s parents work for Puppy Co and they get trapped inside a big giant box!! Along the way, Tim meets some babies. Their names are Jimbo, Staci, and the triplets.

If you love funny movies, then you will love this movie.

I rate this 3 out of 5

Mr.O is the best teacher in the world

Before we start, have you, yes you, ever wondered how Mr.O got bald? Well I’m going to tell you that right now. Once upon a time, he was washing his car at those car washing things, but all of a sudden the vacuum went crazy and it ripped his hair of. That is how his head is so bald. This is what he said…

Mr.O is the best teacher in the world. The first reason is he is does spy missions. You do it during the mystery unit. On one mission, you go in the office and pretend you are someone else while another person films it. The second reason is that he is really funny. An example is he calls people names, but they are funny so don’t get mad at him. Also he makes really funny names like Seymore! The next reason is he make REALLY fun games like Otter Ball, Roundo or Mathsketball and more. The next reason is we get to do really fun science things like Tug of War, Newton’s Cradle and MORE! As you can see, Mr.O is a nice teacher to have for third grade.

Kellyn helped Sofia with her chromebook.

by Jamie and Elizabeth

As Sophia logged into her Chromebook, Kellyn noticed she was in the wrong spot! Just to double check, Kellyn looked at her computer, then looked at Sophia’s computer. She was right! Sophia was in Google Docs, but she had to go to Google Classroom!

“No Sophia!!” Kellyn said.

Then she typed in google classroom and got Sophia in the right spot.

“I felt happy,” said Kellyn.

“I felt thankful that she helped me,” said Sophia.

Tiffany helps someone when they get hurt

by Jamie and Elizabeth

As Tiffany roamed around the playground she saw someone on the slide. She was going to turn away when she saw that the girl fell off the slide!! Tiffany quickly ran to the slide and helped her get up and made sure she was ok.

“ I felt really proud of myself,” said Tiffany.

“ I think the girl was very happy that I helped her,” said Tiffany.

The Hawes playground is a safer place when the students help one another.

Hawes is the greatest school ever!

by Jamie and Elizabeth

If you have not been to Hawes, you are really missing out. Every year, we have a duck walk. The dulk walk is where we sit in the hallway and watch the ducks go into the pond. Whenever a duck lays eggs, we name the mother duck Henrietta. Hawes also has the best teachers ever. One of the best teachers is Mr.O. He is a super funny teacher and can really make you laugh. In second grade and fourth grade, our principal Dr. Sem, reads you books. Another cool thing is in 2nd grade, you do space missions and in 3rd grade, you sometimes go out in woods and study about Lenape.
If you love ducks and silly teachers, then make sure you meet up with our principal Dr. Sem!!!

I rate Hawes 5 out of 5 stars

The Greatest Book ever!!

If you have not read Upside down Magic, then read this article!! Upside down Magic is about a girl named Nory, who goes to a school where there is a class for wonky kids like Nory. Nory at first feels scared and lonely because she lives with only her aunt and not her family. There are also different types of magic. They are fluxers, flyers, flixers, and more! When you go to fifth grade, that’s when your powers show up. If you want to read the book, then go to the bookstore or a library.

We rate this book 4 stars out of 5.

By: Jamie and Elizabeth

B for best

If you have not went to BJ’s, then go there now. BJ’s is a supermarket near Ridgewood. It has almost everything! Food cards, and more! There are samples of food sometimes. BJ’s is a place where everyone can go. This store is very convenient. I always go there. Their food is good and so is everything else! If you are sick of going to the same supermarket every single day, you will never, never, never get sick of BJ’s. Now that I told you everything you need to know about BJ’s, will you go there?

I rate this supermarket 4 stars out of 5.