by Tijler and Tyler

Minecraft is a game that was created by Mojang. Here is an overview of how you play. The armor is at the top right. If you put armor on, then when you take fall damage your armor goes first. If you want to place blocks, then go to the three dots in the lower middle of your screen. You can go to the nether realm by getting obsidian. There are plants you can make stuff out of or eat it straight from the ground. You can tame a horse in Minecraft. To tame it you go near it then look at it in the eyes.  Press the tame button by where you get your blocks and he’s tamed. If you want to ride him then you have to put a saddle on him so find a saddle. If you play Minecraft on a ipad, then you will see the controls in the bottom left corner. In the bottom right corner there is your flying pod, but you can only fly when you’re in creative. Only if you are in survival in the top left corner there are things shaped as hearts. Those are our lives. If you either fall or get hurt by monsters or  drown and you have no food, then you will lose hearts. If you look in the top right corner,  there are things that look like meat. That is your food. If you have 5 meat left, kill a duck / chicken cow/, pig, a fish, turtle, sheep, and rabbit. If you lose 1 meat, you don’t regenerate. If you are in water, you’ll see circles under food. That is your air. If all those bubbles pop, you start losing hearts. On the bottom there is a triangle facing up. That is jumping. If you double tap the up triangle, you will go faster and accelerate. There are some updates from time to time. It is best if you play with  music because then you can hea the zombies and the pitter pat pat of the spider. Creepers explode when they get near you. Minecraft will give you tips when you’re loading a world. For more info watch Minecraft videos on youtube.

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