If you have not played Madden then that is sad! Madden is a game where you are a football team. It is just like the NFL, just on a laptop! First you choose a team. Then you start practice drills. After that you play against other teams just like in the NFL. It is great! You can get Madden cash and get packs with players. You can also get coins. To get more coins, you can win games. To win games use run plays and short passes. Tip for passes – always pass to the open receiver. There is also a Super Bowl.  If you win you will get huge rewards. There are different levels, too. Each level is a different season. My favorite part of the game is when you beat a team in the Super Bowl that you lost to in the regular season.

If you like football, then you will definitely like this game.

I rate this game 5 (out of 5) stars!

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