Kavin made bird picture for Payton

by Waverly and Maddie

On Monday, January 7, 2018, it was play time in Mrs. Bodart’s class. Some kids were making books and drawing pictures. Kavin wanted to make a picture for his friend, Payton on a blank piece of paper. So, he decided to make a beautiful rainbow bird.

“I want to make her happy,” thought Kavin.

So, he started to draw. He added red, orange, yellow and so on. It took him a little bit of time for Kevin to finish, but he did. Payton was super happy.

“Thank you,” said Payton.

Anya Sets Table When Seraphine Did Not Want To

by Maddie and Waverly

On Wednesday, January 9th, before dinner, Anya’s mom asked Seraphine, Anya’s little sister, to set the table. “I do not want to!” said Seraphine. Seraphine does not want to do a lot her mom says. “Hmmmm, If Seraphine does not want to set the table, then I will!” thought Anya. So, Aanya took the lead and quickly set the table. “I felt happy that I did this deed,” said Anya.

Josh Shares Crayon With James

by Maddie and Waverly

On Tuesday, January 8th, Josh and James were doing a project that involves coloring. They were sitting at the same table in Mrs.Graham’s class. Suddenly, James found out that he did not have a yellow crayon that he needed. “I think I will share with James!” thought Josh. So, Josh broke his crayon into two pieces! “Here you go!” excitedly said Josh. “Thanks a lot!”answered James. “I felt glad that I shared with James,” thought Josh. Like some people say, sharing is caring.

Brother broke leg and Reilly told grandma

One day in November, 2018 Reilly’s brother was playing football in the basement. Reilly was with him. Suddenly, Jack quickly tripped over the brown couch. “I did not realize until Jack fell on the ground,” thought Reilly. Then, Reilly quickly jumped of the other couch to help his brother. Reilly helped his brother up the white staircase. Unfortunately their mom was not home but Reilly was smart and called their grandma to come over and help. “Jack got hurt, can you come to my house,” asked Reilly. Luckly, his grandma came over right away. She was a school nurse before, so she knew what she was doing.

Kid Helps Kid With Math

by Maddie and Waverly

On Wednesday, November 28th, at 12:00, Sadie and her class were doing math. Everything was going well until, she found a subtraction problem on the back of her worksheet she did not understand!!! “Oh no!” Sadie thought. While she got up to ask the teacher for help, Madeline saw that Sadie needed it. So, Madeline stepped over to Sadie before she got to the teacher and offered to help. After a lot of hard work, they finally finished the problem. “I felt glad that I helped her,” said Madeline. I felt thankful that she helped me!!!!!,” said Sadie

The New Movie

The Grinch is about a grinch who is always mad. He does not like Christmas, happiness, or presents. The movie stars are Benedict Cumberbatch as the Grinch, and Cameron Selly as Cindy Lou Who. One part of the movie that was entertaining was when the Grinch’s dog made coffee for him. One thing that disappointed me was when Christmas was stolen. If you enjoy Christmas movies, then you will definitely love this movie.

I rate it 5 out of 5 stars

The Basketball Incident

One day at recess this month, Mitchell and Ken were on the basketball court with their friends. They were having so much fun, shooting hoops and passing. All was good, until Ken was so focused on the other players, he did not see the ball coming at him!!!! The ball instantly hit his nose “I was sad that he got hit in the nose,” said Mitchell. So, Mitchell quickly ran over to Ken. “Are you okay?” asked Mitchell. “I felt happy that he asked me if I was okay,” said Ken. Thankfully, there was no blood. As you can see, Mitchell is a good friend.

Boys Clean Up Mess

by Waverly and Maddie

On Tuesday, the 27th, Andrew and Robbie were in their classroom. They were having lunch. All was good until they realized that there was a huge mess made of crumbs, wrappers and juice boxes. They saw that no one was willing to clean it up. So, they wanted to be good listeners and clean it up for Mrs.Fox, so she did not have to. They scattered the room picking up all the garbage, picking up this and that. Lunch was over and they had finally finished. “Good job,” said Mrs.Fox. “We felt proud,” Andrew and Robbie said.