by Tijler and Tyler

Minecraft is a game that was created by Mojang. Here is an overview of how you play. The armor is at the top right. If you put armor on, then when you take fall damage your armor goes first. If you want to place blocks, then go to the three dots in the lower middle of your screen. You can go to the nether realm by getting obsidian. There are plants you can make stuff out of or eat it straight from the ground. You can tame a horse in Minecraft. To tame it you go near it then look at it in the eyes.  Press the tame button by where you get your blocks and he’s tamed. If you want to ride him then you have to put a saddle on him so find a saddle. If you play Minecraft on a ipad, then you will see the controls in the bottom left corner. In the bottom right corner there is your flying pod, but you can only fly when you’re in creative. Only if you are in survival in the top left corner there are things shaped as hearts. Those are our lives. If you either fall or get hurt by monsters or  drown and you have no food, then you will lose hearts. If you look in the top right corner,  there are things that look like meat. That is your food. If you have 5 meat left, kill a duck / chicken cow/, pig, a fish, turtle, sheep, and rabbit. If you lose 1 meat, you don’t regenerate. If you are in water, you’ll see circles under food. That is your air. If all those bubbles pop, you start losing hearts. On the bottom there is a triangle facing up. That is jumping. If you double tap the up triangle, you will go faster and accelerate. There are some updates from time to time. It is best if you play with  music because then you can hea the zombies and the pitter pat pat of the spider. Creepers explode when they get near you. Minecraft will give you tips when you’re loading a world. For more info watch Minecraft videos on youtube.

Girl tries best to help team win.

Mary helped her basketball team by being a “team player.” She was passing a lot and tried to score in the basketball game. There was a teammate that she passed to a lot because she was open.

“Even if we didn’t win, we still had fun,” said Mary “I felt so proud that I passed a lot,” said Mary.

The score was unknown. She passed a lot to a girl named Abby.

Renatos Cooking Up

If you haven’t been to Renatos then you are missing out on this marvelous Pizza Place.
It’s located at 36 S Maple Ave in Ridgewood, NJ 07450.
Their phone number is (201)652-3554.

I like to eat their cheese pizza.They are fast food but better than any fast food. If you don’t like pizza ,they have other Italian food, too. So if you don’t like pizza and your family does then that’s a perfect place for you and your family.The food I recommend there is the pasta. I recommend this because it is buttery and very yummy.

Here is the full menu.

I rate this 3 out of 5 stars

Kid Had A Great Day

By Tijler W. and Tyler P.

Sebastian had a great day in Mrs. Cat’s class at Hawes Elementary School on Monday, November 19, 2018.

“Sebastian did all his work,” said Mrs Cat.

He was all energized by two toys that he was getting for Christmas. He wanted a good day and loved school. He was having a friend over. We asked him how he did it and he said, “I had a lot of fun and got all of my work done.”

Sebastian had a very fun day.

Orange Leaf Is Off The Ice

If you haven’t been to Orange Leaf, then you are missing out on the best frozen yogurt experience in Ridgewood! It’s located on 171 E Ridgewood Ave in Ridgewood, NJ.
It’s really good because you can put your toppings on yourself. You can also get mixes/twists.

My favorite combinations are chocolate, any gummies with sprinkles, whip cream and a cherry.
I recommend Strawberry, Birthday Cake and Brownie Batter.
The shakes I recommend are P.B.S (it has pineapple, blueberries and strawberries) and Orange-n-Cream (it has mandarin oranges with mango).

I rate this five out of five stars.

Ice Cream By Mike is marvelous

Ice Cream By Mike is good because they change their ice cream every week so there are always new flavors to try.
There are so many flavors. So far the flavors I choose were good. The flavors I chose were chocolate and mango. They might not have it when you go because of the time, so get there now or you won’t catch it.

Some of the flavors are for grown ups so ask before you eat.

I rate this five stars out of five.

Clone Wars movie review

This is a movie about an army of clones battling battle droids created by Sith, the enemy of the Jedi. They battle in the first part, but then the Jedi Council sends Anakin Skywalker to save Jabba the Hutt’s son, who is kidnapped. Jabba bargains control over the outer rim. Count Dooku {the sith} tells Jabba the Jedi did it, but will the Jedi prove that they are innocent?

I rate this 5 stars out of 5.