My dogs

My dogs are very cute. I have two dogs. One of my dogs is nice. He is a boy. He is very old. Multiply 9 times 7. If you don’t know, he is 63 years old. I had two birds and a gecko. My aunt let our birds go and the gecko ran away and got lost. Now I have two dogs. I had one dog but my grandma was too old to take care of the dog and his name was Coco. Coco is a brown poodle. The dog I already have is Leo. Leo is a golden retriever. My dogs are very playful. Coco is mean and aggressive. Leo is nice and never bites. Coco sometimes bites me but I just kick him on the butt. Coco never bites my mom because he is scared of my mom. Leo is a very good listener. Leo was playful before I got Coco. If you want to know his age, multiply 6 times 7. If you don’t know, he is 42. Leo is scared of Coco. That’s why he is not playful anymore. Every time I come back from school, Coco barks at Leo. Leo also does not bark because of Coco. If I trap Coco in my mom’s room, Leo is not scared anymore. Leo is my favorite dog. I like Leo because he is nice. He is also very helpful. He is the nicest dog I ever met. He bit me when he was very young, but he was not a puppy. He was not my dog. He was another person’s pet. The person was going to Korea and he could not bring Leo with him. The person was about to bring Leo to the animal shelter because no one wanted him. Then my aunt called and asked if we can get him. He said “yes.” He brought him to our house and gave him to us. I could tell Leo was scared. He was more energetic and playful when we got him. He was scared so he kept going under our table. Leo loves going on walks but he gets tired a lot. I love Leo a lot. He is the best dog. Coco also loves to go on walks. I love my dogs.

Hawes is amazing!!

Hawes is an awesome school. It has the nicest place with the best teachers, plus it has the best kids ever. The principal is Dr.Semindinger. He is awesome and so so so funny! Every year we can see ducks and the very very cute ducklings. Third grade and kindergarten are the best grades ever I think. In third grade, you get an extra recess after writing and in kindergarten it is only a half day. There is a soccer field and basketball field. The soccer field is huge. We both like soccer and we sometimes play it in gym. I think Mr.Otterstedt is the best teacher. Our specials are pe-music, art, and library. We have pe-music 2 times a week, but library and art are only 45 minutes. In gym we do jogging and warm up, and then we play fun exercising games. In music, if you are in 3rd grade, you can dance the Snowman Jump. In art, you make a lot of cool art and when you’re done you can make another one (same project) and free draw. In the library, the library teacher reads to us and then we could pick books from the shelf and go.

Hawes is a really fun school.  It might be the world’s best school! So try visiting Hawes school.

I rate is 5 out of 5 stars

Minecraft is awesome

Try Minecraft because it is AWESOME! Minecraft is a game that is all cubes. You can be in survival and creative  modes. The creator of Minecraft is Markus Persson. Diamonds is the best then iron, gold, and leather from armor, pickaxe, sword, shovel, hoe, and axe. The strongest block in Minecraft is bedrock. If you see bedrock in survival, you can’t break it. You could fight lots of creatures (example: Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons). Also there are a lot of animals (example: pigs, wolves, cats, birds, sheep). In creative you could build anything you want. You even could break bedrock in creative! You could spawn animals and creatures by spawners. Once I made a huge house. It is awesome in creative!

In survival there are hearts and hunger. There are 10 hearts in each player and 10 hunger in each player. Watch out when there is a cage with mobs in (you better destroy it fast!)! Sometimes you can make a hidden fortress. We like Minecraft because it feels like real life. Also, we like it because you can join other friends’ servers and worlds. If you saw this, you would love to download the game. We love Minecraft so much.

We rate it 5 out of 5 stars!

Roblox is the best

Roblox is the a game that was created by David Busucki and the company was Roblox Corporation. Here is an overview of what the game is about and how to play. Roblox is free, so you should buy it. 178 million people play Roblox. Over one million people play Roblox in one day! Roblox has a lot of different games.

This is how to play. When you join the game there is a joystick to control your character. You also

 can change your style, but you need to buy them in catalog and some cost robux. Robux is money that you can use to buy things. The best part about the game is there is multiple games to play.

I like this part because if I’m bored I can change to another game.

If I can change one thing about Roblox, I would make robux cheaper. I would change this because I could get a lot of robux without wasting a lot of money. If you like games with multiple games, then you will love this game.

I rate this games 5 (out of 5 stars).

Cara suggests a great Thanksgiving book

Cara walked into the library to find a new book. She searched top to bottom each and every shelf. Finally she found a Thanksgiving book. She went back to her class and went up to Mrs. Bodart. She asked if Mrs. Bodart can read the book to her class. Mrs. Bodart flipped through the pages and agreed yes. She put the book on her desk.

“I felt a bit nervous that she might lose it,” said Cara.  Her teacher was happy that she made the suggestion. “I’m so happy and thankful,” said Mrs. Bodart.