Mr. O is an awesome teacher!

by Sahithi and Samantha

Mr.O is the best teacher in the whole world! He is fun and he makes people laugh so much. He also gives us less homework to do!!!!! During read aloud he reads us a scary story. For example he reads Measle and the Wrathmonk, and Fablehaven. Sometimes he sprays us with water when there is water in the story and makes faces. He lets us to play Prodigy,, circuits, ED Galaxy, researching, and Khan Academy. Mr.O always lets us do fun activities. One time he took us to the Rutgers basketball game. He gave us a regular press pass and a Rutgers press pass. It was so much fun! In the end of the school year we get to do a water balloon fight! When we finish the otter pack test, we get a stuffed otter. It is soooooooo cute! When it’s our birthday we get to hit the gong and we have the funniest birthday song! Do you want to learn the song. If you do go ask Mr.O. He sings it on your birthday. We also raise adorable baby ducks. He lets us play with magnets. He is a big fan of basketball and ice hockey. His favorite team is the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. His favorite ice hockey is the Devils. He lets us have extra recess after writing class. Sometimes he lets us to play otter ball and basketball.As you can see, Mr.O is the best teacher in the whole world.

Donate to the Thanksgiving food drive!!!!

by Sahithi and Samantha

A girl named Kayla donated to the Thanksgiving Food Drive.

The food drive is when you put food in a box and give it to someone.

“I donated four cans of food. Some of the food was fruit,” said Kayla.

She was not the only one who donated.

“I donated tuna and spaghetti and 4 classmates donated. One of my friends donated,” Kayla said.

When the boxes were collected, they were overflowing with food.

“Inside the box there was corn, fruits, beans, and fish,” said Kayla.

The Thanksgiving Food Drive is an important part of the school.

Pearl in Ridgewood is a great restaurant

Have you ever went to Pearl Restaurant? If you have not, you are missing out. It is in downtown Ridgewood. The service is awesome. My family is friends with the owner of the place. I love the food. The waiters are kind and it has good service. It is the best restaurant I ever went to. The food is really good. I went to the restaurant on November 11, 2018. I love love love the owner. Please go to this restaurant today!

(I rate this 5 out of 5 stars)