The best show ever

by Maxwell and Liam

If you have not watched Ben 10,then I recommend you watching it. It’s about a kid named Ben that finds an alien watch and uses it for good, and when I say good I mean he fights bad guys. He can transform into 10 aliens which are Four-Arms, Stinkfly, Upgrade, Heatblast, Diamondhead, Accelerate, Grey Matter, Cannonball, Overflow, and GAX is at the end. But if you want to see what happens, then you should watch it.

We rate this show 4 stars out of 5!

Rams Defeated Seahawks

The Rams defeated the Seahawks, 36-31 at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Stadium of the Rams on Sunday. Leading the way for the Rams was Todd Gurley who jumped over one of the defenders and faked after the jump. Another player who contributed to the victory was Jared Goff who passed the ball for the touchdown. The Seahawks score use to be 24, but they scored again. My favorite part was when Todd Gurley jumped over a linebacker and scored. Next up for the Rams is a game against the Chiefs on Monday.