Poki Is The Best Game Website Ever

Poki is the best game website, not the food! It has a TON of games on it. You can type up the category that you want! Some categories that you might want are horses, beauty, and cooking. A game series that I enjoy is Papa’s games on cooking. A water game series that is awesome is Uphill Rush. I love this website because it has games that you would not expect, like Google and the Game Of Life. I like the category horses, car games, and cooking because they both have a lot of game results. One of the games is 3D! Poki has a really cool logo, too. All of the games are really cool. Plus, they do not take a while to load.

Horses Are The Best

Horses are my favorite animal. I love how you can ride them. My favorite riding place is Echo Lake Stables. I have been there 2 times. I like to watch horse riding competitions on youtube. If I can, I will try to compete in one. I am going to take lessons when I am older. If I get a horse, I want to name her Star. At my old camp, I did fun things with horses. The next level is horsemanship.

There are so many types of horses. Donkeys and zebras are in the horse family. There are lots of riding places where you can take lessons. On a horse, sometimes there is a mark on the front of its head. It could be a star or a blaze. You should wear jeans and a helmet while riding a horse. Female baby horses are called fillies, and boy baby horses are called colts. If you are interested in horses, than you should take lessons!!!!

Kavin made bird picture for Payton

by Waverly and Maddie

On Monday, January 7, 2018, it was play time in Mrs. Bodart’s class. Some kids were making books and drawing pictures. Kavin wanted to make a picture for his friend, Payton on a blank piece of paper. So, he decided to make a beautiful rainbow bird.

“I want to make her happy,” thought Kavin.

So, he started to draw. He added red, orange, yellow and so on. It took him a little bit of time for Kevin to finish, but he did. Payton was super happy.

“Thank you,” said Payton.

Anya Sets Table When Seraphine Did Not Want To

by Maddie and Waverly

On Wednesday, January 9th, before dinner, Anya’s mom asked Seraphine, Anya’s little sister, to set the table. “I do not want to!” said Seraphine. Seraphine does not want to do a lot her mom says. “Hmmmm, If Seraphine does not want to set the table, then I will!” thought Anya. So, Aanya took the lead and quickly set the table. “I felt happy that I did this deed,” said Anya.

Josh Shares Crayon With James

by Maddie and Waverly

On Tuesday, January 8th, Josh and James were doing a project that involves coloring. They were sitting at the same table in Mrs.Graham’s class. Suddenly, James found out that he did not have a yellow crayon that he needed. “I think I will share with James!” thought Josh. So, Josh broke his crayon into two pieces! “Here you go!” excitedly said Josh. “Thanks a lot!”answered James. “I felt glad that I shared with James,” thought Josh. Like some people say, sharing is caring.

Brother broke leg and Reilly told grandma

One day in November, 2018 Reilly’s brother was playing football in the basement. Reilly was with him. Suddenly, Jack quickly tripped over the brown couch. “I did not realize until Jack fell on the ground,” thought Reilly. Then, Reilly quickly jumped of the other couch to help his brother. Reilly helped his brother up the white staircase. Unfortunately their mom was not home but Reilly was smart and called their grandma to come over and help. “Jack got hurt, can you come to my house,” asked Reilly. Luckly, his grandma came over right away. She was a school nurse before, so she knew what she was doing.

Art Is Awesome!

If you have not been to Angie’s Art Box, than you are missing out!! This place is an art/craft studio. You can have birthday parties, open studio, and more! Angie’s Art Box is located on 589 Lafayette Ave, Hawthorne, NJ. Angie is super kind. For birthday parties, YOU can choose what you want to paint. Angie will even give out tips for painting certain pictures! She has an art gallery with really pretty paintings. Angie’s Art Box offers classes for all levels, kids parties starting at $15 & up, and paint and sip adult parties: canvas or wood. Fundraising opportunities, off-premise classes & parties, and so much more. If you like art and crafts, then Angie’s art Box is the place for you! “A creative studio that helps you find… the Artist in YOU!”

I rate it 5 out of 5 stars!

Kid Helps Kid With Math

by Maddie and Waverly

On Wednesday, November 28th, at 12:00, Sadie and her class were doing math. Everything was going well until, she found a subtraction problem on the back of her worksheet she did not understand!!! “Oh no!” Sadie thought. While she got up to ask the teacher for help, Madeline saw that Sadie needed it. So, Madeline stepped over to Sadie before she got to the teacher and offered to help. After a lot of hard work, they finally finished the problem. “I felt glad that I helped her,” said Madeline. I felt thankful that she helped me!!!!!,” said Sadie

Top Ten Pets (In My Opion)

10. Snakes
9. Fish
8. Frog
7. Cat
6. Hamster
5. Chinchilla
4. Bunny
3. Horse
2. Dog
1. Guinea Pig

Why Guinea Pigs Are The Best:
Guinea Pigs are the best. They are cute and they cuddle with you. They are okay with the fact that you go to school. Just make sure that when you get home, say hello. There are so many colors that they can come in. Babies are tiny. I have 2 guinea pigs. Guinea pigs sometimes squeak, but not loudly. If you let them rest in your arms for a while, maybe they will fall asleep! Some guinea pigs (like mine) like to fold blankets onto them, like covers! When guinea pigs want food, they go onto their hind legs and squeak. You can even teach them tricks. As you can see, guinea pigs are the best.

The BEST Bowling Place That Ever Stood On Earth

If you have not been to Humdingers, go right NOW! Humdingers is a great bowling, playing, and eating place. First of all, the staff and service is AWESOME and it is HUGE! When I went there for free, this amazing staff member named Stephanie showed me around. The minute I walked in the door, I was like, OMG!!!!!! There are about 10 arcade games right there when you walk in the door. Keep walking, and you will see the bowling alleys. To your left, there is a place where you can get food.

The Bowling Alley: Once you get your bowling lane, first you have to choose the game you want to play to bowl. You can do this on the mini ipad provided. It is a touch screen. Once the game is chosen, start to bowl! If you forgot bumpers for your lane, do not worry! Go to service on the ipad. Click bumpers. Within minutes, they will turn on by themselves. Pretty cool, huh?!

Still on service, you might realize that you are hungry. Without going to the cafe, order right there!!! The menu will allow you to choose your meal. There is an island for every 2 lanes with stools included. Are you bored when it is not your turn to bowl?! It’s okay! There are 4 big screens that play football and soccer on the wall, plus 3 mini ones on the opposite wall. If you brought little kids, do not worry! There are dragon ramps! It makes it easier for them. At other places, they have slow ball return machines. But not Humdingers! They have really fast ones.

Now, let’s play arcade games. Wait! Where are my shoes? Probably in the cubbie under the table with the ipad on it. So cool!!

Arcade: Time to play!! To get to the arcade, go straight. On your left, there is a BIG arcade. You will get an arcade card. Use this to play games. Even keep the card with you to go home. It keeps track of your points with a code that you can scan on your phone. Birthday arcade cards are different. It lets you play unlimited games for 20 minutes. Some arcade games you can play are Air Hockey, Basketball, Pinball (there are 5 kinds), Motorcycle Racing, Race Car Racing, Quick Drop, Down the Clown, and Despicable Me- Hit the minion.

Cafe: I’m hungry! Let’s get something to eat. Wow! That’s a lot of choices. There’s drinks, appetizers, dinner, salad and dessert! “I’ll take a pepperoni self mini pizza, ginger ale, zeppoles, and a vanilla Oreo thick shake, please!”

“Do I get one of those?” There is even a buzzer that tells you when your food is ready! AWESOME!!! Alright. Let’s get pizza now. How do they make the pizza so quickly? Let me see through the window. WOOWW!! That is so cool! A machine that cooks your pizza in less than 3 minutes! Now, ginger ale. Wait! There is a soda stick that shoots out whatever soda you want! Munch, munch, munch. Mmmm. That was good. Okay.
Time to leave! There is even a prize hub.

I have 50 tickets. They go from 15 to 40,000 tickets! Cool! Look what I got. Awesome!

If you love big, awesome, and fun bowling places, Humdingers is the place for you!

I rate it 5 out of 5 stars!