Mr.O is the best teacher in the world

Before we start, have you, yes you, ever wondered how Mr.O got bald? Well I’m going to tell you that right now. Once upon a time, he was washing his car at those car washing things, but all of a sudden the vacuum went crazy and it ripped his hair of. That is how his head is so bald. This is what he said…

Mr.O is the best teacher in the world. The first reason is he is does spy missions. You do it during the mystery unit. On one mission, you go in the office and pretend you are someone else while another person films it. The second reason is that he is really funny. An example is he calls people names, but they are funny so don’t get mad at him. Also he makes really funny names like Seymore! The next reason is he make REALLY fun games like Otter Ball, Roundo or Mathsketball and more. The next reason is we get to do really fun science things like Tug of War, Newton’s Cradle and MORE! As you can see, Mr.O is a nice teacher to have for third grade.

Overwatch is awesome

Overwatch is a game with skins and fighting. You get to respawn when you die. My favorite skin is sombra because you get to turn invisible. You can sneak up on someone and make them respawn. Some of the skins are soldier 76, genji, warhag, and many many more. There are game modes that only come out on holidays like Halloween, summer, Christmas and Easter. There are many game modes in Overwatch. You can upgrade your skins to awesome forms of skins like zombie skins and lots more. You can join one team to defeat bad people. It is all about strategy. One thing you can get is a loot box. You can get good or bad stuff in loot boxes.

You will like this game. It is very fun!!!!!!!!!

Hilo the boy who crashed to Earth

If you have not read Hilo the boy who crashed to earth, then you must read it. It is about a boy who crashed to earth and is a robot. His name is Hilo. He fights bad robots. There is one robot who is Razerwark that Hilo fights and Hilo flees. He has two friends with him and the names are Daniel and Gina. Hilo was brave because he fought lots and lots of robot bugs and did not give up. That is why Hilo is brave. In the beginning Hilo and Daniel met and found a robot that looked like a rock that had many arm’s and chased them. In the middle Gina moved and Daniel was sad. In the end Hilo went to his home land ( In a different dimension) and Daniel was sad, but Hilo left a part of his toe behind so they can talk. There are two books in the series.

I liked this book because every time something happened to Hilo, he would fall apart and they would have to put him back together. I also liked that he had powers, such as the laser hands and the power to fly.

Do you think you should read this book?

Cammy saves kitten’s life

One day Cammy went to a lady’s house. The lady had a lot of kittens in the basement. The cats were sick and needed help. Cammy decided to save a kitten’s life. She went to the bathroom and weighed the kitten. After that she gave the kitten a vaccination. She said, “It was stressful because I had to hold the kitten by the neck.” Cammy was proud of the way that she helped the kitten.  ”I felt like I did something good in the world,” said Cammy.

Fortnite is an awesome game

Fortnite is a game that was created by Epic Games. Here is a overview of what the game is about and how to play. Fortnite is a battle royal game where you have to survive to win. There is 100 people in the match.

The best part of the game is jumping out of the battle bus. I like this part because you get to skydive.

If I can change one thing about the game , I would change some of the locations. I would change this because I don’t like them. I feel like they should change them more often so there is more options.

If you like games with fighting, then you will love this game

I rate it 5 out of 5