Soccer is amazing

I bet you played soccer. If you didn’t, that’s sad. Soccer is an awesome sport. The best players  are Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Ronaldo’s team is F.C Juventus, and Messi is in FC Barcelona. Soccer is a very hard sport because the soccer field is so long and big. There is 2 goals, and the last part of the soccer field. 11 people play in the soccer field. One person blocks the goal, and the name is goalie. The goalie blocks the ball by the other team making a goal. The goalie is a very dangerous position, because when you’re trying to block the ball you might hit your face! For me I think goalie is a cool position, and only the goalie can use their hands. The bad thing for the goalie is there is a white line, and the goalie can’t go out of that white line. The goal is about 8 yards. The best place to make a goal is the top edge, but it’s really hard to make it from the top edge. That is why I love to be goalie. The soccer field’s length is about 80 yards! The best goalie player is Gianluigi Buffon in italy. Small kids like to play soccer, and I do too.

I rate soccer

Hawes is amazing!!

Hawes is an awesome school. It has the nicest place with the best teachers, plus it has the best kids ever. The principal is Dr.Semindinger. He is awesome and so so so funny! Every year we can see ducks and the very very cute ducklings. Third grade and kindergarten are the best grades ever I think. In third grade, you get an extra recess after writing and in kindergarten it is only a half day. There is a soccer field and basketball field. The soccer field is huge. We both like soccer and we sometimes play it in gym. I think Mr.Otterstedt is the best teacher. Our specials are pe-music, art, and library. We have pe-music 2 times a week, but library and art are only 45 minutes. In gym we do jogging and warm up, and then we play fun exercising games. In music, if you are in 3rd grade, you can dance the Snowman Jump. In art, you make a lot of cool art and when you’re done you can make another one (same project) and free draw. In the library, the library teacher reads to us and then we could pick books from the shelf and go.

Hawes is a really fun school.  It might be the world’s best school! So try visiting Hawes school.

I rate is 5 out of 5 stars

Minecraft is awesome

Try Minecraft because it is AWESOME! Minecraft is a game that is all cubes. You can be in survival and creative  modes. The creator of Minecraft is Markus Persson. Diamonds is the best then iron, gold, and leather from armor, pickaxe, sword, shovel, hoe, and axe. The strongest block in Minecraft is bedrock. If you see bedrock in survival, you can’t break it. You could fight lots of creatures (example: Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons). Also there are a lot of animals (example: pigs, wolves, cats, birds, sheep). In creative you could build anything you want. You even could break bedrock in creative! You could spawn animals and creatures by spawners. Once I made a huge house. It is awesome in creative!

In survival there are hearts and hunger. There are 10 hearts in each player and 10 hunger in each player. Watch out when there is a cage with mobs in (you better destroy it fast!)! Sometimes you can make a hidden fortress. We like Minecraft because it feels like real life. Also, we like it because you can join other friends’ servers and worlds. If you saw this, you would love to download the game. We love Minecraft so much.

We rate it 5 out of 5 stars!

Incredibles 2 is awesome

Incredibles 2 is a movie that heros fight bad guys. The best performance was by Jack Jack. I enjoyed his acting because he defeated the racoon. It was very cool. Another fine performance was by Elastigirl. She saved a bad guy. It was so nice. A bad guy pretended to be a good guy and caught Elastigirl. I was very sad. I was excited because Jack Jack had lots of powers. It was sad when Elastigirl got caught. The stars were Craig, Hunter, and Sarah.
If you enjoy hero movies, you will definitely enjoy this movie
I rate it 5 stars out of 5 stars!