The Trumpeter Swan

If you have not read the Trumpeter Swan, then head over to the book store right now! The Trumpeter Swan is about a swan that could not talk. He fell in love with a female swan, so his father stole a trumpet from a music store nearby. A boy named Sam saw the mute swan when he was born, when he was camping. The swan flew away to find him, to help with his voice. After he found him, he went to Sam’s school as a first grader. The swan was always looking for money to pay his father’s debt. He worked at many places. One of my favroite charaters is the Trumpeter Swan. If you want to find out what happens next, then read the book yourself!

I rate this book 5 stars out of 5.

I love slime!

If you have not played with slime, then I feel bad for you. I got slime for my birthday or was it Christmas? Anyways, the slime was really fun! The box came with these foam beads, little stickers that were not sticky, tools, glitter, and of course, slime. I like slime because it is so fun and sticky! Well, at least until the slime dried out. Sometimes, I don’t like slime because it gets all over me. Yuck! Then, I have to throw it in the wash. I like mixing the slime with stickers, glitter and the rest of the stuff. Now that I told you about slime, will you buy it?

I rate slime 3 stars out of 5.

Kayla donates her hair to make a wig.

by Jamie and Elizabeth

As Kalya went inside the barber with her mom, Kalya told the barber that she was going to donate her hair to make a wig. The barber smiled and nodded. The barber was so happy that Kalya was going to donate her hair. Kalya sat on the chair and the barber cut her hair. After, the barber put the hair in a plastic bag and waved to Kalya and her mom.

“I felt proud,” said Kalya.

Kellyn helped Sofia with her chromebook.

by Jamie and Elizabeth

As Sophia logged into her Chromebook, Kellyn noticed she was in the wrong spot! Just to double check, Kellyn looked at her computer, then looked at Sophia’s computer. She was right! Sophia was in Google Docs, but she had to go to Google Classroom!

“No Sophia!!” Kellyn said.

Then she typed in google classroom and got Sophia in the right spot.

“I felt happy,” said Kellyn.

“I felt thankful that she helped me,” said Sophia.

Tiffany helps someone when they get hurt

by Jamie and Elizabeth

As Tiffany roamed around the playground she saw someone on the slide. She was going to turn away when she saw that the girl fell off the slide!! Tiffany quickly ran to the slide and helped her get up and made sure she was ok.

“ I felt really proud of myself,” said Tiffany.

“ I think the girl was very happy that I helped her,” said Tiffany.

The Hawes playground is a safer place when the students help one another.

Hawes is the greatest school ever!

by Jamie and Elizabeth

If you have not been to Hawes, you are really missing out. Every year, we have a duck walk. The dulk walk is where we sit in the hallway and watch the ducks go into the pond. Whenever a duck lays eggs, we name the mother duck Henrietta. Hawes also has the best teachers ever. One of the best teachers is Mr.O. He is a super funny teacher and can really make you laugh. In second grade and fourth grade, our principal Dr. Sem, reads you books. Another cool thing is in 2nd grade, you do space missions and in 3rd grade, you sometimes go out in woods and study about Lenape.
If you love ducks and silly teachers, then make sure you meet up with our principal Dr. Sem!!!

I rate Hawes 5 out of 5 stars

B for best

If you have not went to BJ’s, then go there now. BJ’s is a supermarket near Ridgewood. It has almost everything! Food cards, and more! There are samples of food sometimes. BJ’s is a place where everyone can go. This store is very convenient. I always go there. Their food is good and so is everything else! If you are sick of going to the same supermarket every single day, you will never, never, never get sick of BJ’s. Now that I told you everything you need to know about BJ’s, will you go there?

I rate this supermarket 4 stars out of 5.

Let’s paint at Color Me Mine!

If you have not been to Color Me Mine, then you should really come here!!! When you first go to Color Me Mine, you see a lot of things to paint. Then, you find a table and a person who works there will ask you what kind of colors you want and what you want to paint. After the worker gives you the paint, then you can start and the worker will give you instructions of how to paint your sculpture. After the worker tells you the instructions, then you are free to start painting your sculpture. When you are done painting, the worker will take the sculpture away from you and put it in this drying thing which may take a couple of days to dry before you get it back. After it drys, then they fire it to make it nice and shiny. Now, do you want to go to Color Me Mine?

We rate this 4 out of 5 stars

The best movie in the world!

If you have not watched Charlie Brown, then I feel bad for you. Charlie Brown is about a boy that has a crush on a new girl in school. Charlie calls her the little red-haired girl, and he is too afraid to talk to her. Charlie is at school doing work when the little red-haired girl dropped her pencil, but he is too scared to return it. If you want to know what happens next, watch the movie yourself! There are little episodes if you want to watch more Charlie Brown. If you like funny movies, then this movie is so for you.

I rate this movie 4 stars out of 5

The Minions is the best movie in the world!

If you have not seen the Minions, then I feel bad for you. The Minions is a movie about these small little creatures looking for a leader. They go through a lot of trouble finding one. In the beginning, they have lived for a long time, so they had a lot of leaders in the past. They had dino leader, and a minion had accidentally killed him by pushing him in a lava filled pit. Then they had a lot more leaders but they all got killed. Then, they decided to live by themself in a ice cave. They make houses, sing carols, and do snowball fights. One day, they get bored doing the same stuff everyday. They decide to find another leader. Three minions went on a quest to find a new leader. They went to a new and mysterious city. If you like a funny movie where the characters speak a strange “not a language” language, then this movie is for you.

I rate this movie 4 stars out of 5.