Rocket league Part 2

If you read my first Rocket League article you will know what I’m talking about. There’s been a ton of glitches in Rocket League. Some like an engine that makes airplanes crashing sounds, getting out of the soccer field and the ball getting stuck in the ground. I didn’t talk about the glitches in my first article, but I’m doing it now.

I’ve never got to do any of the glitches but I still know about them. Some people can see the real world in Rocket League but nobody can do it now. Its sad. Also if you get better, train your friends that are really bad at Rocket League. I’m doing it with my first PS4 friend I met online! And he’s really good at Rocket League.

There’s now a full crosplay in Rocket league. I really don’t know how to do it though. I finally got level 100!  Now I need to learn how to air dribble and then I’m a real level 100. The higher the level you are, the better people to verse. But if you are bad, I don’t think you should do competitive. It’s very easy to verse a really good player in it. You even might verse me.

I’m not telling you my name for PS4 so that I don’t get hacked. I am a skilled Rocket League player. You probably will lose against me. I’m not the best player in Rocket League. I’m learning how to air dribble in Rocket League. I’ve done it a million times, never in a real match though. It’s sad. I play with a really good player and he’s from my school. He’s level 150. Or more. We both can’t air dribble because it’s really hard to do it. It’s because we are not the best.

I am now training my first PS4 friend I ever met. He’s actually really good. I already taught him to fly and he says he’s bad but he’s good. I was not good when I was a starter. He was way better than me when I started because i had no one to get train with and he has me to train him! I have gotten way better recently. I got way more experienced than him in Rocket League.

There are no new items in Rocket League besides the MClaren, the new car. Well that’s all I have for this article. Please comment how you like this game because I rate it 5 out of 5 stars.


Rocket league is a game with cars. It’s about cars playing soccer. And that’s not all you can do. You can play hockey, basketball, and best of all you can play rumble when you get power up’s in. If you are skilled like me, you will learn how to fly with your boost. Even harder than flying is air dribbling on the roof! That’s all for soccer, now onto basketball!

Basketball is all about flying and skill. In basketball you have to be very nice to your team. If you’re not good, your team you will lose. This is the hardest game mode to score in. You have to fly hit the ball. I think if you are new to the game you should not play hoops/basketball.

Now were going to HOCKEY! Hockey is pretty hard to do. It’s very hard to “aerial hit” the ball.  It’s so hard to score in hockey.

Now we move to tennis. You have to try to get the ball out of your side. If you hit it really hard, sparks start flying out of the ball.The real name for tennis is dropshot. When the ball has electric, you have to get it from your side to the enemy’s side.


The powers up’s are spikes, punch, boot, plunger, freeze, and magnet. I can go in the air with the spikes and I score! I think magnet is the worst but sometimes it’s helpful.

Now for the rarest items are called solar flare 20XX, slipstream, mainframe, hellfire heatwave, toon, fire god, party time, poly pop, dueling dragons, and more! Now we will discuss the wheels. Apex, troublemakers, chronos, photon, zomba, dracos. The cars are called jager 619, roadhog XL, aftershock, batmobile 1 and 2, nimbus, breakout types, and twinzler.

I suggest you buy this game because it’s fun! This game has made 110 million dollars in sales! This is my favorite game so please buy it. You will enjoy this game a lot.

I rate it 5 out of 5 stars.

Best Japanese restaurant

If you have not eaten at Kiku, then you are missing out. Kiku is located in Paramus. Right when you walk in you see 1000 people right next to you. You get a feeling of happiness and excitement. When I first went there I had dinner. I ordered noodles and broccoli. I was with my family and the food was awesome. Some other dishes are shrimp, vegetables and rice. Some drinks you can get are Coke, soda, water and so much more! Its food type is Japanese food. It is nice and it is a lot of money. I went there 5 times. I think you should get noodles because they are really good. Best of all, you get a chef to cook in front of you! I rate Kiku 5 out of 5 stars.