The new student

“Class meet our new student, Zozie” said Mrs Bodart. Then Zozie walked into her new classroom and Mrs Bodart showed her to her seat.  When she sat down everyone said “hi Zozie” and Zozie said “hi” back. Before they new it they had to go home. On the bus ride home, Grayson said to Kavin, “I think Zozie had a really good day.”

It was the next day on Friday and they were doing their morning warm up. They showed Zozie around a little more.  “Five minutes till playtime,” said Mrs. Bodart to the class. They were excited for playtime and they started thinking of what to do for playtime. One of them thought of playing dolls, another thought of playing in the kitchen. After a few days, Zozie got used to the schedule and everyone was happy!!!!

Mrs. Bodart’s great class

Mrs.  Bodart’s  class was doing writing workshop and they had a truck that if they were good they would get a smile on it. One day they were so close to getting it and they were doing so good Mrs.  Bodart decided to fill in the rest of the chart. The class was so happy because they would get a reward and they had many options. After a little bit, they picked that they can do whatever they want for play time. Everybody was happy.

Gymnastics is a great sport

If you are not doing gymnastics then you’re missing out on a great workout! I think gymnastics is amazing because the teachers teach you really cool stuff such as front handsprings, cartwheels, handstands, ariels, somersaults, rolls, and many more.

At first some of the stuff you do might hurt a little but after a while you will get used to it. Some of the places you can go for gymnastics are ENA, The Little Gym, and other places. My other friend and I have been doing it for 4 years and that is a long time. So if you are not doing gymnastics yet, then you should start now!

We rate this 5 out of 5 stars!!!

Bare Burger is amazing

If you have not eaten at Bare Burger then you’re missing out! It is located in town next to It’s Greek to Me. Right when you walk in the door you see a waiter that is ready for you. The service is really nice and the wait for a table is normally short. When I first went here, I went for dinner with my family. I ordered a burger and it was amazing. Some other dishes on the menu are chicken, salad, and many others. I ordered a milk shake for a drink and it was the best. I have been there 7 times. If you enjoy amazing food and people, then you will love this restaurant.

I rate it 5 out 5 stars!