Captain Underpants is a hit

by Cooper W.

Captain Underpants is a book. The characters are Professor Poopypants, George Beard, Harold Hunchkins, and Principal Krup. Princpal Krup is the meanest ever. He tries to separate George and Harold, but Harold used his ring to hypnotize him. Then they demanded Principal Krup to turn into a chicken. After that, said “You will now turn into the greatest hero of all time, Captain Underpants.” When it rains, he changes back into Krup, and when they snap, he changes into Captain Underpants.

Then George and Harold give Captain Underpants the idea of fun. He sets a ferris wheel trampoline park and all other stuff. Then he goes through fire with a school bus. After that, he goes on a ferris wheel and wrecks the school. It starts to rain, and Captain Underpants turns back into Krup. The entire movie has a lot of humor and action.

The best part of the movie is when George and Harold hypnotize Pricipal Krup and change him into Captain Underpants. The funniest part is when they make a joke about the planet Uranus.

If you like movies with superheroes, then you will love this movie.

I rate it 5 out of 5 stars!